THE MOVEMENT EP.1 – Bete Photography

For modern humans, it is essential to capture meaningful moments into a picture. This does not only count for people who post photos on their social media feed to extend their personality. Self-conscious people look at old pictures as thoughtful moments and reflect on them. Images can be used to trap your most precious and inspiring moments between space and time.

Bete van Meeuwen is an all-round photographer, known from her work for Amsterdam Fashion week, Hilton & Guess. Bete uses photography to express her creativeness and to visualize a world in which her vision is the boss. Bete is only 24 years old, but not afraid to say that she has the ambition to shoot for big fashion magazines like vogue in the future. “If you wait, maybe someone else is going to do the things you wanted to do before you.” – Bete van Meeuwen

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Instagram: @betephotography

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