Amsterdam tattooing

A famous quote goes as follows “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story”. Well in this podcast We have decided to visit one the Netherlands oldest tattoos shops, located in Amsterdam, and interviewed one of their experienced artists known as Lucas Zwolinski to find out more about himself and how he […]

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Glass art and scientific rules

  In this podcast series we wanted to explore how craftsmanship and community work in our digital society and world. This time we are interviewing Michelle, one of very few glass artists in the Netherlands. Starting her first solo exhibition on the 30th of March this year in Kek, Beverwijk she was very excited to […]

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“We want fast, flashy, in your face and over the top.” – Dominique Gimberg

How to reach the unreachable? By Sven Adamson & Dalla Coulibaly Millennials are an enigma for marketers but not for her. In this podcast, we sat at the table with the young creative filmmaker Dominique Gimberg. In her apartment in the center of Amsterdam, we discussed lgbtqi+ representation, the future, marketing, music videos, film funding […]

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