“Every little action you take has a butterfly effect.”

In this podcast, I sat down with Jessica Effah, a former pageant contestant who has no difficulties with letting her voice be heard. Throughout the past years, Jessica has used her experience and knowledge to talk about important subjects such as racism, corporate irresponsibility and feminism.

Jessica as pageant contestant with her father in 2016

“You just need to find your own way to do it.”

Everybody has an opinion, but Millennials are often (dis)credited for being a generation that is very aware of- and loud regarding social-, environmental-, and political topics that they care about. Protests, marches, sit-ins, wakes and other tools are used to demonstrate against important issues, such as the recent. Women’s March in Amsterdam and the March against Racism last week at Dam Square, Amsterdam.

For Jessica, her “passion” for activism started on social media, after finding worrisome comments on social media.

Jessica and I discuss the changes in activism and try to figure out why our generation is so fixed on speaking up. Is this a new development, is it lasting and more importantly: Does it actually matter? Jessica and I discuss these questions as well as her own experiences of being a Millennial Activist.


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