Medium of the future: Podcasting

Marvin Jacobs in Born05 Office, Utrecht, Netherlands

“There isn’t a more intimate medium imaginable than this.” Marvin Jacobs says.

Podcasts are starting to become mainstream. The problem is that some people have no idea how they can use them or why they bother at all. The word podcasting is a combination of the words “broadcasting” and “iPod.” While Radio Stations decide when they air the music, podcasts can be listened to ‘On Demand.’ If you have a smartphone, the easiest way to listen to a podcast is using a podcasting app.

Marvin Jacobs works as an Editorial Director at creative online agency Born05, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He develops concepts for brands and is in charge of creating editorial content for Born05’s online magazines and websites. In addition to his position in the agency, he is also responsible for the format and creative content of the podcasts they produce. Marvin and his team have been working on a new podcast series collaborated with KLM, “The Journey”; features travelers all around the world with unique travel experiences and their stories.
Although Marvin is very busy these days with this new project, we had the opportunity to interview with him.

Created by Can, Elif, Louise and Angela


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