Into the world of coffee – Barista Kim Dickson about Latte Art

Almost too beautiful to drink – this is completely true when you look at Kim Dickson’s impressive coffee artworks. The 33-year-old chef-barista of the hip café Coffee & Coconuts in De Pijp has already stood behind the coffee bar in Melbourne and London to make coffee enthusiasts smiling. He uses his simple but highly artistic touch to create various different patterns on the drinks, ranging from swans to hearts only with the help of milk and his finger skills. How this art works, in which parts of the world it is particularly popular and why Latte Art is a social media magnet – Kim gives us interesting insights into the Latte Art scene in Amsterdam and beyond. 

A Podcast by Lea Borgmann & Lukas Föhrenbacher

Kim Dickson´s work place: the bar of the Coffee & Coconuts café in De Pijp.
Kim Dickson while preparing the milk.
Kim Dickson creating a pattern in the coffee cup.
The process of Latte Art.
The result: a cup of cappuchino with a beautiful pattern.
Kim Dickson: chef-barista of the Coffee & Coconut café in De Pijp, Amsterdam.

“With Latte Art I can visually make coffee nicer.”

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