Fred Vandermarliere – The Creative Industry #2

Nowadays there is a range of different companies. Some of them already exist for 100 years, others just emerged. For all of them, it is a challenge to keep existing. We live in a world of intense pressure from competitors. Only the best ones, with a strong mission and vision, survive.

Cortès is a family run company with a passion for cigars. Cortès produces cigars in all shapes and sizes. The company emerged in 1926 and still has a lot of success. Maurits Vandermarliere started with manufacturing cigars. A few years later in 1965, the youngest sun Guido came on board. Since 2005 Guido’s sun Frederik runs the company.  Just like his father, he does it with passion and expertise. The family business now spans on two continents. “As one of the last standing cigar-making families in Belgium and Europe, we believe in a world where you #dontsmokebutenjoy.” – Fred Vandermarliere

Created by Angela Weijmer and Louise Devos



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