How to create with your head in the Clouds 1.0

Today we will have a conversation with Cloud Meijer, an extremely creative soul, whose aim is to connect with people through her video projects and her singing. Her soothing voice will walk you through her creative past, present and future to give you an overall understanding of her journey. One thing we know about her is that she doesn’t believe in labels, you can’t put her in a box: her dreams fly as high as the Clouds.

During the podcast we have a really interesting conversation with Cloud Meijer. She talks passionately about her work and her life in Amsterdam. She also told us about her dreams of building a society, a safe and welcoming company, that creative souls like her can call home.

As an artist Cloud knows the struggle to stay inspired and motivated all too well. So, she saw a “gap in the market” for something she was missing. For her it’s not only a very inspiring project for her future but also a good way to create a network of creatives and getting in touch with many different artists.

“I want to show people who they are.”

– Cloud Meijer

“I think people are the most inspiring beings. Everybody has their own story to tell.”

“I want my audience to keep an open mind […]

I hope they walk out with something positive.”

Radio show October 15th

During the live broadcast we highlighted six small clips of the podcast.

In the first clip you can hear Cloud introducing herself and telling us a little more about her work. In the second clip Cloud tells us about how her passion became apparent at a really young age. After that Cloud tells us about what her work represents about her and what she would like to achieve through her art. For her, it’s all about the audience feeling something.

In the fourth clip Cloud tells us about her plan to start a business or rather a small society for creatives like her. As an artist Cloud knows the struggle to stay inspired and motivated all too well.

In the last two clips Cloud tells us about how she uses her art, in this case singing, as an outlet for some of the darker days. After that you can hear Cloud telling us about what she’d like her audience to take away from her work and her art. For her, it’s all about getting people inspired.

Radio broadcast October 15th at the University of Applied Sciences

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