“Go vegan or go home”

Take a look into the future: the ever-growing concept of veganism combined with junkfood.

Vegan and junkfood. Ever wondered about the combination of those two? They are meant to be together according to the Vegan Junk Food bar! In this podcast, we talk food, fun and future. Enjoy!

Meet Brian, the supervisor of the Vegan Junk Food Bar at Marie Heinekenplein in Amsterdam.

Veganism was everywhere in 2019 and it certainly won’t end there. The concept is booming and with already 110 000 vegans in The Netherlands, it keeps on growing. There are appearing vegan options on menus in restaurants, you have vegan foodtruck festivals, vegan cooking classes etc. The biggest misconception is that vegan is always healthy. VJFB wants to counter this by combining the two kitchens of vegan and junkfood, which results in a Daddy Mc Chicken, coconut curry bitterballs or a Flashy Kapsalon.

“To make sure people are conscious on what we’re eating.”

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