“I get inspired by people’s stories and tragedies” – Kevin Klein

  Representing and telling stories that are meant to be told is Kevin’s essence work. Freshly graduating from an acting school, he takes socio-political theater to another level. Popping the digital bubble and reinventing theater performances, Kevin takes us into the unknown to show us the world’s endless possibilities. A podcast by Dalla Coulibaly & Sven […]

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Miha Tursic and space research

Slovenian-born Miha Turšič, project developer at The Waag Society, studies life in space. Not how to breathe or eat there, but what life in all aspects is going to be. Whether art will be a thing in a future of living in space, and what humans can learn from nature and the far beyond. Despite the […]

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You might be the next billionaire

A podcast with John James about creativity and trends Growing up in the Caribbean and the United States, John James is now the entertainer in one of Vienna’s biggest hip hop clubs, VIE i PEE. He spreads good vibes and he loves to make people happy. “It doesn’t matter how long it takes […] but […] if you […]

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STA! brings people together through a shared passion; theatre. The chairwoman Maaike tells about how the student organisation create histories based on the members diverse creativity.

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