The Future of Live Music

In this podcast Ina and Sidonie discuss with Amsterdam creative Conrad Hornung the changes that have been happening in the live music industry, specifically pertaining to the rise of streaming services, social media and government involvement. The venues mentioned in this podcast: Waterhole, Alto Jazz Bar, Bourbon Street, Duivel. Check out Conrad’s latest work: […]

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Rogier Smalhout – creative mind behind Appelsap Fresh Music Festival Amsterdam

Rogier ‘de Reiger’ Smalhout is the co-founder and creative director behind Appelsap Fresh Music Festival. Appelsap is one of the first hiphop based festivals in the Netherlands, and has been around for almost twenty years. Rogier is the creative mind behind Appelsap’s identity – he has been working to keep Appelsap ‘fresh’, and different from […]

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Medium of the future: Podcasting

“There isn’t a more intimate medium imaginable than this.” Marvin Jacobs says. Podcasts are starting to become mainstream. The problem is that some people have no idea how they can use them or why they bother at all. The word podcasting is a combination of the words “broadcasting” and “iPod.” While Radio Stations decide when […]

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