Amsterdam tattooing

A famous quote goes as follows “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story”. Well in this podcast We have decided to visit one the Netherlands oldest tattoos shops, located in Amsterdam, and interviewed one of their experienced artists known as Lucas Zwolinski to find out more about himself and how he […]

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“Go vegan or go home”

Take a look into the future: the ever-growing concept of veganism combined with junkfood. Vegan and junkfood. Ever wondered about the combination of those two? They are meant to be together according to the Vegan Junk Food bar! In this podcast, we talk food, fun and future. Enjoy! Meet Brian, the supervisor of the Vegan […]

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“When two young girls can do it, then big corporates can as well” – Elizabeth, the co-owner of The Conscious Club

A city escape in the busy life of Amsterdam, welcome to The Conscious Club! It is the showcase of the new sustainable future, as they mentioned themselves. In this podcast we spoke to the co-owner Elizabeth about their company and sustainability. Tune in for inspirational views on this topic and enjoy listening to our podcast. […]

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We are Kidchen. This is a kitchen who playful learn young kids how to behave in there. We talk about it with Jos, Suzan and Emma. Jos is an single parent, Suzan is a product design student and Emma is a fulltime babysitter. We will aks them some questions about our subject. We hope you […]

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There is always something next

  We ask, Ilja Jay answers – A podcast about creativity Ilja Jay Lawal is a Vienna based blogger, has his own fashion label ( True You ), is an entrepreneur at the network agency “FOLLOW”, author of the platform “Dreamers Who Do” and the organizer for the Fitness Festival.  At his young age of 25 […]

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You might be the next billionaire

A podcast with John James about creativity and trends Growing up in the Caribbean and the United States, John James is now the entertainer in one of Vienna’s biggest hip hop clubs, VIE i PEE. He spreads good vibes and he loves to make people happy. “It doesn’t matter how long it takes […] but […] if you […]

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Destruction was my Beatrice

A podcast about creativity with Robert Simon Born in New York City, Robert Simon has been living in different european cities before he decided to settle down in Amsterdam. The former teacher of the minor global trendwatching tells us about his meaning of creativity, his favourite quote and music artist. By Valentina Volcich & Marion […]

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