Avocado Madness

Who hasn’t heard of the avocado and its popularity, recently? You’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant menu that excludes the fruit or a millennial who hasn’t eaten it on sourdough or rye. The avocado is everywhere. Ron Simpson caught up on this trend, and created ‘The Avocado Show‘. A restaurant focussed completely on avocados. […]

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Running a restaurant in Amsterdam

With more than 1300 restaurants in Amsterdam you can easily say that the food industry in this vibrant and creative city is very important. One of these restaurants is driven by Özkan who is originally from Turkey. In Amsterdam he runs his own business, Carnivore, which really says it all: “meat eater”. An East Texas Style Smoke […]

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We are Kidchen. This is a kitchen who playful learn young kids how to behave in there. We talk about it with Jos, Suzan and Emma. Jos is an single parent, Suzan is a product design student and Emma is a fulltime babysitter. We will aks them some questions about our subject. We hope you […]

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There is always something next

  We ask, Ilja Jay answers – A podcast about creativity Ilja Jay Lawal is a Vienna based blogger, has his own fashion label ( True You ), is an entrepreneur at the network agency “FOLLOW”, author of the platform “Dreamers Who Do” and the organizer for the Fitness Festival.  At his young age of 25 […]

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Food Talks – Podcast

What is the future of food? This is a tough question to answer, so we got ourselves some professional help from David Deijman. David is a chef at the star awarded restaurant Choux.  We were fortunate enough to borrow some of his time to talk to him about his views. His focus is on food […]

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