Amsterdam tattooing

A famous quote goes as follows “My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story”. Well in this podcast We have decided to visit one the Netherlands oldest tattoos shops, located in Amsterdam, and interviewed one of their experienced artists known as Lucas Zwolinski to find out more about himself and how he […]

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“Go vegan or go home”

Take a look into the future: the ever-growing concept of veganism combined with junkfood. Vegan and junkfood. Ever wondered about the combination of those two? They are meant to be together according to the Vegan Junk Food bar! In this podcast, we talk food, fun and future. Enjoy! Meet Brian, the supervisor of the Vegan […]

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Avocado Madness

Who hasn’t heard of the avocado and its popularity, recently? You’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant menu that excludes the fruit or a millennial who hasn’t eaten it on sourdough or rye. The avocado is everywhere. Ron Simpson caught up on this trend, and created ‘The Avocado Show‘. A restaurant focussed completely on avocados. […]

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How Ron transformed a trend into the most exciting food startup in the world – The Avocado Show

Ron Simpson, founder of The Avocado Show, is an exceptional allrounder: After working in marketing, founding two advertising agencies and being a DJ he became famous with his innovative avocado restaurant. Which started two years ago just as an idea for a small avocado restaurant, went viral worldwide even before the restaurant actually opened its […]

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The Future of Live Music

In this podcast Ina and Sidonie discuss with Amsterdam creative Conrad Hornung the changes that have been happening in the live music industry, specifically pertaining to the rise of streaming services, social media and government involvement. The venues mentioned in this podcast: Waterhole, Alto Jazz Bar, Bourbon Street, Duivel. Check out Conrad’s latest work: […]

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“We want fast, flashy, in your face and over the top.” – Dominique Gimberg

How to reach the unreachable? By Sven Adamson & Dalla Coulibaly Millennials are an enigma for marketers but not for her. In this podcast, we sat at the table with the young creative filmmaker Dominique Gimberg. In her apartment in the center of Amsterdam, we discussed lgbtqi+ representation, the future, marketing, music videos, film funding […]

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“Connecting nature, physical and mental health with music” – Sophie Jurrjens

Today we are going to meet Sophie Jurrjens, a creative entrepreneur interested in combining sound and scenery. 17% of the Dutch millennials encounters a high level of stress.Her goal is to relieve the stress of the millennials by making an app where her composed music can be heard on a walking route. Sophie’s app “Off-Track” […]

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The coolest glasses in town

So, when you go out, you always think about what dress to wear, what shoes that goes with that dress, and which kind of jewellery fits with the outfit. But the glasses, they stay the same.  Ace & Tate wanted to change that. Glasses should not be so expensive that you only have one pair […]

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