Be So Happy – The Creative Industry #1

Going vegan is predicted to be one of the biggest food trends of 2018. We started to look for healthy food companies that fit in with this value. Nowadays we see that there are a lot of healthy companies, but we looked for a company that distinguishes from the others.

BeSoHappy is about more than just taking care of the body. It helps you to find the best version of yourself. There are thousands of ways to achieve this goal, but healthy food is certainly a part of it.  By eating the right products in the right proportions, you get more energy and self-confidence. Be So Happy make the ‘take care of yourself’ part much easier. With the fit & shape shakes of Be So Happy you take all the nutrients you need, so you get exactly what your body expects. The target audience is focused on the woman who wants to take care of their body in a healthy way but needs a bit support.

Created by Angela Weijmer and Louise Devos

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