Avocado Madness

Who hasn’t heard of the avocado and its popularity, recently? You’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant menu that excludes the fruit or a millennial who hasn’t eaten it on sourdough or rye. The avocado is everywhere.

Ron Simpson caught up on this trend, and created ‘The Avocado Show‘. A restaurant focussed completely on avocados. His vision on this fruit type was overwhelming towards consumers. When the concept was introduced, Ron received dozens of requests to start a franchise, it turned out to be a million-dollar idea. This was only the beginning of the-avocado-show madness.

Ron Simpson will give you a short look inside his busy life. Hear about his vision on the future of ‘The Avocado Show’, how he began this succesfull concept , and much more…



Raf Hoevenaars & Nick Breuers

The legend himself; Ron Simpson and his companion
Famous inside and on the streets
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Delivering THE number 1 ingredient
The eye-catcher in every store
Jungle vibes during a To-go

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